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Mechanical insertions

Are you looking to mail a folded letter or to send mail with several items in the envelope? Whether you have items that are of different sizes or those that require folding, or you need to match the personalised flyers with the rest of your mail, Brookland Mailing Services Ltd has a team to perform these tasks efficiently.

Do you want your flyers to go monthly or weekly, or do you want the inserts to be placed in front of your catalogue? Our team will ensure all your requirements are undertaken efficiently before dispatching them across the UK.

Mechanical insertions, making mail easy

•  Fast and effective

•  Cost saving

•  Allows cross-selling initiatives

•  Caters to any design provided

•  Selective insertion will allow you to reach specific audiences

By add inserts in your mail using machines, we also provide shrink wrapping, database management and other mail services in Bristol. We can cover the whole of the UK and save you time and money in the whole process.

Undertaking mail insertions with ease

Flyers made possible

Benefits of mechanical insertion

Variety of services offered throughout the UK


Save time and money by using a fast, efficient mail insertion service.

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We also offer product storage - mail fufilment - shrink wrapping - distribution

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